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The pearl of the Adriatic is defined as the village of Silvi, a small town in the Province of Teramo, framed by the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast and by a suggestive view of the Gran Sasso.

Formerly called Silva, in relation to the richness of the area’s vegetation, or Castel Belfiore or Castrum Silvi (in the Middle Ages), Silvi rises on the slopes of the hills of Città Sant’Angelo and Atri.

It is characterized by a seaside part, Silvi Marina created in the nineteenth century by fishermen who moved closer to the coast, while its historic center is located in the hillside, Silvi Alta, of medieval origins, from which you can enjoy views suggestive.


The territory of Silvi, in particular the coastal area, has been inhabited since ancient times. The invasions by foreign peoples obliged the first communities to abandon the coastal settlements and move towards the heights.

Silvi Alta was born during the high medieval period around the Castle. It was a Benedictine fief of the diocese of San Giovanni in Venere di Lanciano and participated in numerous wars of conquest and consolidation, often very bloody.

To be seen

The ancient Silvi is the nerve center of the village’s history. The church of San Salvatore, dating back to 110, stands in this part of the village. It is a one-nave building that houses inside two medieval stoups and some frescoes from the mid-twelfth century. Not far away you can visit the Church of San Rocco, built in the sixteenth century, but then altered during the nineteenth century.

The Torre di Cerrano was born in the sixteenth century as a fortress for sighting against the invasions of the Turkish pirates. Its position marks the border with Silvi Marina. Just below the tower stands the port of Adria, of an age that is not datable but very ancient, it represented a place of passage of strategic importance.

Do not miss the beautiful sandy beaches with shallow waters of Silvi Marina and the protected Marina area of Torre del Cerrano.

What to do

Among the most important traditions of Silvi we find that of Lu Ciancialone. Founded in the 16th century, it is the commemoration of the defeat of the Turkish invaders by the Silvi community. Legend has it that a young man named Leone came down the hill with a torch in his hand, heading for the invaders. The torch emanated ever more intense light, so that the invaders believed that an entire army was waiting for them and fled. The event is celebrated on the last Sunday of May in the village of Silvi Paese (or also called Belvedere di Silvi). In the main square of the village is hoisted a large cylinder of reeds, up to ten meters high, which is burned and around which it is celebrated until the pyre ceases to burn.

From the first Friday after mid-July, until the following Tuesday, the exhibition of arts and crafts “once” is organized. The village of Silvi Alta relives the ancient past through the figures of the sailor, the carpenter, the blacksmith, the weaver, the peasant. The streets come alive with old shops, to evoke the medieval environment, and food stands where you can taste local products. During the evenings, numerous shows and events are organized, such as the donkey race, the sack race and the famous pupa dance.